Reconsidering Comey

Democrats’ frantic search for the real killer of Hilary Clinton’s expected victory -- anything other than a bad record, a flawed candidate, and an unhappy public -- seems to have settled on Russian meddling.  But, the politically charged and legally delicate labor of James Comey probably was more significant.  Salon Magazine recently declared Comey’s impact on the election the “biggest story of 2016.” Perhaps we’ve misunderstood and misjudged a shrewd, brave, and consequential strategy by an FBI Director in a tough spot.  Comey was criticized harshly by Republicans and Democrats alike for his probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails and handling classified material.  His once golden reputation is smashed likely beyond redemption.  Looking back, it is difficult to make sense of Comey’s twisting path.  It’s widely believed the administration, through the Justice Department, let Comey know there would be no...(Read Full Article)