Please, Mr. President, Stay Who You Are!

A few days before Inauguration Day, my 89-year-old black preacher dad said God is responsible for Trump becoming president.  I thought about the scripture in which God says, "My ways are not your ways."  Frustrated with Obama declaring America no longer a Christian nation while cramming the left's anti-God and anti-America agenda down our throats, millions have been intensely praying for our country. If I were God, I would have answered Americans' prayers by making Ted Cruz president.  But God is smarter than me. Trump is exactly what America needs at this point in time.  No traditional politician could get away with confronting anti-American leftist operatives in the media, calling out Washington establishment corruption, and boldly vowing to put America first.  Few Republicans would have the cojones to even try. As usual, despicable leftist media distorted Trump's awesome inaugural address, saying Trump's speech was...(Read Full Article)