Obama: A Political Corpse

My mother’s almost ninety-eight years old. While in relatively good physical and mental health considering her advanced age, she has in recent years developed a very strong denial of death and its effects, infusing a level of irrationality to some exchanges with her. On a recent visit, we had this conversation: Mother: “I can’t understand why your father doesn’t call.” Me: “Mother, you know he’s been dead for eleven years.” Mother: “Yes, I know that, but I still don’t understand why he hasn’t called.” Me: “Dead men can’t call.” (Brief pause) Mother: “He could call collect.” Obama’s political death -- the Russians have tagged him “a political corpse” -- is spurring him and his administration to deny it by undertaking a series of ever more outrageous acts to preserve what he considers his "legacy." Michael Walsh summed up...(Read Full Article)