MSNBC's Mariana Atencio: Rich, Gorgeous, Famous, and a Victim

Mariana Atencio, a broadcast correspondent for MSNBC, is beautiful and wealthy and lefty. Growing up in oil-rich yet impoverished Venezuela, Atencio enjoyed the privileged life of one of that country's wealthy and fair-skinned elites. She was a princess in a country of eye-numbing hillside slums and explosive class divisions. She was a One Percenter. But Atencio's dizzying social status couldn't immunize her against the toxic effects of Hugo Chávez 's "21st century socialism,” which plunged the South American nation into unprecedented levels of misery. So Atencio, like many other upper-crusty Venezuelans (many no doubt enriched by Venezuela's widespread corruption), escaped to the U.S. She arrived here eight years ago. Eventually settling with her Venezuelan-Lebanese husband in the tony town of Coral Gables (one of Miami-Dade county's whitest enclaves) the dark-eyed Venezuelan beauty quickly reinvented herself. She started calling...(Read Full Article)