Judge Neil Gorsuch: Some Cause for Concern

In recent days, news outlets have been reporting that 10th Circuit judge Neil Gorsuch has now risen to the top of President Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees.  He apparently replaces Judge William Pryor, who was widely reported as previously leading the pack of potential nominees.  Judge Pryor faced significant backlash from many on the right, including Evangelical Christians, criticizing Pryor's apparent support of the radical homosexual and transgender agenda. The danger in being the front runner for a spot on the High Court is that you receive intense scrutiny, and, as with most candidates, Judge Gorsuch is difficult to evaluate fully.  Having spent some time digging into Judge Gorsuch's background, we have found many good indicators.  First, we should say that we personally knew his mother – Anne Gorsuch Burford, a lawyer whom President Reagan appointed in 1981 as director of the Environmental Protection Agency.  Anne...(Read Full Article)