I meet my first ObamaCare Commissar.

When ObamaCare was first promulgated, my fine HMO doctor called it quits. MDs who hate the New Medicine talk about it very quietly, if at all, and mostly among themselves. Shutting up the medical profession was the first order of business for the Left establishment, and they were duly scapegoated in the Fakestream Media. Like most of you, I assumed that all those HIPAA forms they made me sign over the years actually meant what they said they meant. About medical privacy and such. So, it came as a surprise to me when I called another doc's office and a lisping Valley Girl who answered the phone demanded to know my private information. What were her qualifications, I asked? Didn't I sign that darned HIPAA thing to protect my private medical info? Valley Girl said nothing about any medical qualification, and she sounded like a fresh new graduate of the local high school or community college. But she insisted politely that I had no HIPAA protection in my medical phone...(Read Full Article)