I meet my first ObamaCare Commissar.

When ObamaCare was first promulgated, my fine HMO doctor called it quits. MDs who hate the New Medicine talk about it very quietly, if at all, and mostly among themselves. Shutting up the medical profession was the first order of business for the Left establishment, and they were duly scapegoated in the Fakestream Media.

Like most of you, I assumed that all those HIPAA forms they made me sign over the years actually meant what they said they meant. About medical privacy and such.

So, it came as a surprise to me when I called another doc's office and a lisping Valley Girl who answered the phone demanded to know my private information. What were her qualifications, I asked? Didn't I sign that darned HIPAA thing to protect my private medical info?

Valley Girl said nothing about any medical qualification, and she sounded like a fresh new graduate of the local high school or community college. But she insisted politely that I had no HIPAA protection in my medical phone call.

Then I called her manager, who agreed that I have no HIPAA protections in Obama's Brave New World. I called my doc, who agreed I have no privacy protections left. Then I called a medical friend, who tells me she's been complaining about that for six months.

But nobody told you or me.

And then… I met my first ObamaCare Commissar on a visit to my doc at a famous medical center. (I have no complaints about doctors at all. I like them, I trust them [mostly], and I know they're under the gun. I just wish they would speak out a lot more.) 

As I walked in, I was introduced to a gorgeous stranger, dressed to the nines with a thousand-dollar haircut that framed her athlete’s tanned face in a gorgeous shiny dark mane, like a beautiful show horse. I was impressed. She introduced herself as a “Fellow,” and since she was obviously lesbian I resolved not to make any jokes about “fellas and gals.”

Sitting next to my real doc, facing me, she took the lead in our conversation. My doc did what he does best, because he’s smart and efficient. So that was fine.

Then the commissar told me I was taking too many drugs. For all I know, she might have been right -- she didn’t bother to explain, because commissars don’t have to explain. She just told me what she thought without all the fuss and bother of explanation. Much like Obama would do in the identical situation.

Which drugs were wrong or overprescribed? Or was I just too expensive? The British National Health Service rates patients in terms of QALYs -- basically, how much money can be spent on their medical care, given their degree of illness, their ages and chances for survival, and most of all, how much money they would cost from the Social Welfare kitty that is shared by all patients in the government system. Since ObamaCare is an attempt to copy Britain’s National Health Care System in a nation five times as populous, I assume she was counting my QALYs, and something didn’t add up

Obama’s personal commissar gave no explanation at all. Apparently her job was to pronounce The Truth, and mine was to follow orders.

My highly qualified, senior, and smart doc sat there saying nothing about my carefully prescribed meds.

I trust my docs to tell me truthful information using their best judgment, and all that makes for a fundamentally private conversation. He is pledged to protect my privacy, and my job is to listen and take it in, maybe ask questions to clarify things. Nobody had invited the Horsy Commissar to join us in a private medical consult. I certainly hadn’t signed anything. I really don’t think the doc did, either.

She just showed up, and the Powers That Be told him to do it or else. So he did.

Maybe he figured I would just keep my mouth shut, so both of us sat there and listened to the commissar. He said nothing. I said nothing.

My horsy commissar evidently had no medical license or qualifications, or she would have told me. Maybe she had peeked into my HIPAA-protected file, or she pretended she had. It makes no legal difference. She was there in plain violation of all the law

But I was in no mood to challenge her. So we let her go on.

Obviously she was an important authority figure, since she took over half the conversation. My doc was fine, polite and smart, just the way I expect.

Then the commissar interrupted to say that I took too many prescribed meds.

I said nothing. I voted for Trump.

Now we have a chance to dodge Obama and his commissars, and with luck and a lot of smart political action, we will get something better, something more consistent with our two centuries of constitutional law

Did my horsy Fellow read my medical records? Did she know what prescription meds I take and why? Did she know I have a lifelong wart on my left knee? How else would she know what drugs I take?

I didn't ask, and she didn’t explain. Whatever she was, she was not a licensed medical pro, and therefore had about as much legal right to read my most intimate X-rays as Valley Girl did on the phone.

Apparently, this stuff has been going on all over the country.

It may sound funny, but I keep imagining Obama and the Missus leaving the White House with a suitcase full of thumb drives, containing all the private data that's been stolen from all the hacked federal agencies, including my medical files. Why not? The IRS stole highly confidential information on conservative non-profits before the last election, and nobody cared, least of all the New York Times or the Washington Post.

Well, my commissar hasn't come to visit my house in the dead of night, accompanied by a SWAT team. So it was probably just Obama’s feds trying to push the envelope in my wonderful medical center, to see how far the docs could be pushed to violate HIPAA. I was only a casual bystander (at least I think so).

In the end, my doc said nothing about my meds (he still has theoretical ethical obligations). I said nothing. The horsy commissar said nothing.

I left.

But now I'm wondering what has really happened to the actual laws and ethics governing the field of medicine in the United States. I've heard a lot worse stories than mine, which looks like just another straw in the wind.

Trump beat Hillary, and DC may never become completely Obamanized after all. We don't know. The Trumpers say that ObamaCare will be gone by 2019, and we should see major Executive Orders being reversed very soon after January 20, a few weeks from now.

We elected Trump and a GOP House and Senate. If HIPAA has been systematically violated by the Obama administration, I expect congressional hearings with public exposure or criminal prosecution of the guilty parties.

It's not only Obama the scofflaw who has run wild for eight years. It's also the Regulatory State that let itself be ordered to violate the law. With no signs of punishment or even public protest in the Fakestream Media.

If they get away with it this time, the next Democrat in power is likely to pull the same stunts.

Bill Clinton learned nothing from being impeached. Remember that. As SecState Hillary violated national security laws and regulation by the dozen, and the FBI simply turned its back on the law.

The IRS turned Nixonian, and nobody threatened to overturn Obama in another Watergate scandal. Our historic constitutional, legal, and regulatory barriers against the unilateral abuse of power simply collapsed, silently, with not a single squeak.

The Roberts Court contradicted itself diametrically on ObamaCare, and no visible liberal voiced any outrage.

These are the same characters who are calling Trump "Hitler" these days, even before his first day in office. They are the real haters in this country, and they hate and smear without a smidgen of decency. Unlike Senator Joe McCarthy, they have none.

I think we escaped rule by commissars by a hair's breadth in the last election.

But the bad guys are still there, hunkering down. They have forgotten nothing and have learned nothing. Certainly Obama hasn't.

Somewhere in the country there is a corps of Soros commissars-to-be just waiting to get back their power as soon as we turn our back. Josef Stalin is not dead.

We've been shown the instruments of torture, just like targets of the Inquisition used to be shown.

Don't believe for a moment that the same types won't be back if they get at the least little chance. 

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