How Illinois Violates Voting RIghts

The 1964 Voting Rights Act and revisions addressed the right of the individual citizen in the U.S. to vote without obstruction or discrimination. The concept of one person one vote has been repeatedly upheld. While Illinois became infamous for having the dead vote and allowing multiple votes by one person, its legislature has adopted rules that seriously infringe upon the rights of all voters. This more subtle, abstract, and far more dangerous practice implements a new method of vote theft: administratively denying voters any input into legislation; thereby violating the concept that government can only legislate with the “consent of the governed.” In order to understand the nature of these tactics it’s necessary to go back and understand the role of the individual voter in government. The Declaration of Independence clearly states that government is “of, by and for” the people. It also clearly affirms that governed is based upon, and requires, the...(Read Full Article)