Hey Liberals, Let’s Have a Teach-In on Lying

In case you haven’t noticed, liberals are all a-quiver over Trump’s “lies.” It´s got to the point that the kids at the Murdoch blog have had to weigh in with a ponderous piece by Gerard Baker on “Trump, ‘Lies,’ and Honest Journalism.” I have a better idea! Let’s have a teach-in about lying. Only in this teach-in you jammie-clad lefties get to zip your lips, while I get to rant. Of course, Trump lies! He is a politician, and the way you can tell a politician is lying is that his lips move. All politicians lie, liberals, including Bernie and Hillary and Barack. All the time. Why do they lie? Because we the voters insist on it. Trump lied about immigration and about bringing back manufacturing. So what? That is what the white working class and legal immigrants and the citizens wanted to hear. But will Trump pay the price for his lies? Probably not, because his supporters want to believe the lies he told them. In his...(Read Full Article)