Donald Trump and the Death of Utopianism

The aftermath of this extraordinary election, likely the most important in American history, has been fraught with controversy and confusion. The collapse of the fourth estate, for example, is a signal and unfortunate consequence.  Weeping "journalists," misguided and error-embracing "analysts," bias, fraud, malfeasance, and falsehoods mark the end of a once proud profession. In the political and popular culture of the American left, there is a widespread and disturbing hatred and intolerance for those in the opposition that overwhelmingly eclipses a similar reaction to the election of George W. Bush. The political culture now is so sour and the response of many who favored the losing party so extreme, so partisan, unforgiving, and unpleasant, that it seems clear that something much more than a presidential election defeat is the cause. The absence of a unified theory of the collapse of the American progressive neo-Jacobin utopian left could be of...(Read Full Article)