Do Trump's Appointees Understand the Problem with Climate Change?

In the Senate's ongoing confirmation hearings, knee-jerk liberals keep asking President Trump's appointees – even though the question is totally irrelevant to the secretaries being questioned – about global warming (AGW, for anthropogenic global warming), aka global climate change.  Surprisingly, most of those appointees have affirmed their "belief" in climate change. In the light of the president's deletion of all mentions of AGW and climate change from the White House website at high noon on January 20, those appointees might want to reconsider their stance.  In affirming the "reality" of AGW, these cabinet appointees buy into the two points that liberal climate fanatics seem to miss, but which President Trump seems to get.    First, when, for a decade, the globe's temperatures refused to budge, those doctrinaire doomsayers who publicly "believe" in their patently corrupted "climate science"...(Read Full Article)