Dear Liberals: Here Is Some Magnanimous Advice

At the end of this week, liberals, your worst nightmare will be inaugurated as President of the United States, and the bust of Winston Churchill will be restored to the White House. So let us all honor the spirit of Churchill. For liberals everywhere from CNN to UC Davis it is: in defeat, defiance. But we conservatives must also honor Churchill: in victory, magnanimity. So in the spirit of Churchillian magnanimity, I am going to tell you liberals where you went wrong. I am going to help you liberals think about the bigger picture: how your whole worldview stinks, and how, as long as you don’t start to get a glimmer of this, you will continue to spread injustice and despair, from sea to shining sea, right across the fruited plain. Let us look at three portents that are ringing like a firebell in the night. First of all, we learned last year from Jeff Bezos’ kids’ blog, no less, that the white working class is dying of despair. What happened? Then, we...(Read Full Article)