Bring Down the Facade

Most of the Israeli Right is refusing to address the chief issue in its death struggle with "Palestine." Israel trots out lawyers, historians, theoreticians, and academics to defend its control of Judea and Samaria; but that is not the central issue – it’s rather a distraction from the core problem. I have no problem if Israel want to declare the land west of Jordan River (perhaps also Gaza) as Eretz Israel. Zionist writers, even here at American Thinker, will all invoke the San Remo Mandate of 1920 as the foundation for Israel's claim to the contested areas. All fine and well. Finally, the allied powers -- Britain, France, Italy, and Japan -- passed the San Remo Resolution in evidence of their agreement: ... This agreement was binding in international law, as these powers had the right to dispose of these lands. -  Palestine, Back to the Future,  American Thinker, Ted Belman, 2012 However, that is not the issue which...(Read Full Article)