Betsy DeVos vs. the Educational Industry

There has been a good deal of hammering going on in the world of education ever since American businesswoman and education activist Betsy DeVos was named Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education. So far, DeVos has taken this relentless pounding with grace. Perhaps this is because she’s lived long enough to know that when you study an issue for decades and don’t care about those wielding the hammer, you can move forward with new ideas and innovations gravely needed in the American education system. Why is this overhaul of public education necessary? Every year I serve on a panel of judges for a national essay contest. Students send in their composition to vie for a series of cash prizes including a five thousand dollar grand prize. Their lone goal is to sling together no more than five hundred cogent words on a topic of American history. Aside from showcasing students' ability to write lucid sentences, the contest reveals the history knowledge (or lack...(Read Full Article)