An Unhealthy Obsession with Irrelevant Numbers

Despite acceptance being the final stage of the five-step grieving process, the media and much of the political left remains stuck on the first step, denial. Having lost the battle of ideas as evidenced by Donald Trump solidly beating Hillary Clinton in the election, the focus is instead on numbers, rather than ideas, as numbers are harder to refute. Or so it seems. Numbers can also work against one’s argument. For example, the climate change movement insists global warming is real and measurable. They point to higher temperatures, specifically 2016 being the “hottest year on record” based on the “global average surface temperature anomaly”. Lots of assumptions built into that model. And based on “anomalies”. Fine and good, but what about these other recent anomalies? Three feet of snow in the Sahara, one of the hottest, driest places on Earth. The locals are sledding on all the global warming. Or 30 centimeters of snow falling at the...(Read Full Article)