Academia's Broken, so Why Defend Academic Freedom?

Here we go again.  Debates about academic freedom and political bias at colleges are as hot and outrageous as ever.  Consider five recent farragoes. First in Oregon, there is the case of a professor, Nancy Shurtz, being disciplined harshly for wearing blackface at a party, to which students were invited.  Second, in Ohio, assistant professor Joy Karega was dismissed after a long controversy about her inflammatory statements about white males and influential Jewish people on social media. Third, in New York City, associate professor Matthew Lasner was mobbed after he and his homosexual partner heckled Ivanka Trump on an airplane.  Bloggers figured out who his employer was, Hunter College, and lobbied the president there to fire him. Fourth, in Pennsylvania, George Ciccariello-Maher tweeted, "all I want for Christmas is White Genocide."  He is an associate professor at Drexel University.  Public complaints have prompted the...(Read Full Article)