A Plan for Draining the Swamp

Donald Trump has said that he intends to “drain the swamp,” a laudable if formidable challenge given the resistance he is bound to meet. The DNC is preparing a “war room” to fight Trump on a variety of political and domestic fronts and the left is mobilizing all its divisions to prevent the new president from governing and, if possible, to force him from office. This could amount to a kind of civil war entailing massive protests and demonstrations punctuated by instances of violence, as has occurred in the past. The left will throw everything it can at him: marches, fake news, uncorroborated allegations, hoaxes galore, borking tantrums, Twitter storms, unceasing volumes of calumny, character assassination, riots, “classic Soviet-style disinformation” -- every weapon in its copious arsenal of smear and malice. For the left is truly maniacal in its hatreds. Trump will have to be Trump to withstand the onslaught. There is also the factor of...(Read Full Article)