What if Obama dropped Hillary's email bombs?

The phoniest and most irresponsible lie in current politics is Obama's accusation that "the Russians did it!"  Dropped Hillary's email bombs, that is.  This was originally just attributed to the CIA and FBI at secondhand, and later those agencies reluctantly agreed.  But we all know how badly Obama has corrupted those agencies, and their kowtowing to the Big Boss means nothing.  This is sad but true. If you think about this as a mystery story, you can ask, "Who had the motive, the means, and the opportunity" to leak Hillary's most embarrassing secrets, thereby blowing the election?  The list of suspects is huge, but Obama is never mentioned.  Still, think about it for a second. Motive: Obama is a major narcissist who always wants to expand his personal power.  Being president has not satisfied his power-hungry ego; nothing ever will.  For months he has been talking about running for a third term, and...(Read Full Article)