Trump Heard the Cry of the Unprotected

I got to talk to a retired special forces guy last week, and he said that president-elect Trump won by appealing to voters that have long felt “unprotected.” Now, everywhere I look, I see the word “protector,” as in a woman speaking of her son, who died literally protecting others with his body.  I guess it’s time I revised my definition of government. Government is an armed minority, occupying territory and taxing the inhabitants thereof to reward its supporters. In return the government protects the inhabitants from enemies foreign and domestic. In other words, the only justification for a government and its bullying supporters is that it keeps us safe. It is there to protect the unprotected, and that is all. The problem is that liberals don’t think that everyone deserves protection. As I have written here before, I mark the day in 1971 that Archie Bunker debuted on "All in the Family" as the moment that liberals...(Read Full Article)