The Vast Cognitive Gulf between the Left and the Right

Is there a neurological or psychological reason that explains the left's complete meltdown at losing an election, compared to the Right's historic general acceptance of loss?  Since Donald Trump's upset win on November 8th, a vast number of angry voters on the Left have become unhinged, delusional, depressed.  And they act out, like spoiled children when they do not get the toy they want.  Many of our elite media left remain, like Ken Burns, in a "fetal position."   When Barack Obama won his second term, conservatives were distraught about the certainty that the damage already done by Obama would continue for another four years.  Obamacare would continue to destroy what was once the best health care in the world.  The EPA would continue to destroy jobs and businesses with pride and glee, without a moment's thought for those devastated by their thousands of new regulations. Iraq was already a disaster because, by...(Read Full Article)