The Myth of the Good Old Media

Donald Trump recently noted that the media had become much worse since Walter Cronkite, which is an honest mistake by a man who grew up as a Democrat leaning to the left.  But there was no "Good Old Honorable Media."  The establishment media have been utterly biased and often outright dishonest for many decades.     The 1965 CBS documentary Hunger in America began with outright lies, citing an infant dying in a hospital as the victim of malnutrition, which was pure invention.  The 1971 CBS documentary The Selling of the Pentagon actually took the answer of an assistant secretary of state to one question and edited it so that he was giving the answer to another question – and the documentary did that over and over again. ABC News, weeks before the 1972 presidential election, in which national defense was the central issue, broadcast the documentary Arms for Defense: How Much is Enough, which began with the completely false statement...(Read Full Article)