Reflections on the 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

As a lifelong baseball fan who grew to love the game in some of its most turbulent times, including the steroid era and 1994 strike, I have taken an increased interest in the annual Hall of Fame vote.  The men on the ballot in recent years, including this one and ones to come, were the giants of the diamond during my youth and early adulthood.  There have been some tough individual cases in the past, such as the exclusion of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and Pete Rose due to lifetime bans, but never before have so many players been cast under scrutiny for potentially tainting the legacy of America's pastime.  In the space below, I will fill you in on things you may not have known about the top candidates and will opine on whether or not they are getting in this year, or ever. Jeff Bagwell, 1991-2005, Houston – First Baseman .297 Average – 449 Home Runs – 1991 N.L. Rookie of the Year – 1994 N.L. MVP Bagwell will easily get the...(Read Full Article)