Propaganda Won’t Make the Iran Deal Any Better

Following the election of Republican candidate Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, Iran, its lobbies and its economic partners are weighing in and trying to hedge the windfall earnings of an eight-year-long rapprochement campaign against a possible shake-up of U.S. foreign policy. And they’ve taken to mainstream U.S. media, making their case through lopsided reports and op-eds that misrepresent the nuclear deal signed with Iran or to defame Iran appeasement critics who will likely find their way into president-elect Trump’s cabinet. But the disasters of the nuclear deal and the broader appeasement policy toward Iran are just too harsh to be covered up through dishonest journalism. A New York Times report that appeared a few days after the elections cited “76 national security experts” urging Trump to reverse his hostility toward Iran, claiming “the nuclear agreement has reduced the threat of...(Read Full Article)