Parting Regrets from the LOSer's Presidency

It is not certain that Barack Obama is the first president with African progenitors on adjacent branches of the ancestral tree.  It is absolutely certain that he is the first president in American history who shot to the presidency on the rocket of race-based preferentialism.  Mr. Obama became commander-in-chief without ever evidencing knowledge or even respect for the U.S. military because throughout his education and career, he enjoyed astronomical preferences above his peers, even above more qualified competitors, due not to his achievements, but to his bronzish mug.  He in turn chose his wife and his attorneys general from his cohort beneficiaries of the peculiar institutions of affirmative action, the racialist hypersensitivity and preferencing that arose in the 1960s. By the time Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and Barack and Michelle Obama were born, they enjoyed God-given freedom and opportunity to work hard, pursue careers, earn comfortable lives, and secure the...(Read Full Article)