Nearing the Falls in America’s Drug Crisis

Never before in American history has our country faced a drug abuse, drug crime, and drug overdose crisis of the magnitude now confronting our society. Last week, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), announced that more than 50,000 Americans last year died from drug overdoses. That is a surge of death around us. To be specific, we just saw an 11% jump, in one year, to 52,404 drug-related deaths. By comparison, 37,757 died in car crashes, an increase of 12%. Gun deaths, including homicides and suicides, totaled 36,252, a jump of 7%. Here is the kicker: law enforcement would confirm that many of car and gun deaths go right back to the drug crisis. What is becoming of us? Reactions have been interesting, and somewhat revolting. Dismissive comments have ranged from indifference (“who cares?”) and blaming the enormous jump in drug-related deaths -- another during Obama’s tenure -- on the dead,...(Read Full Article)