Making Good on the Promise to Repeal Obamacare

One thing Democrats think they know is this: once the federal government has “given” an entitlement to the citizenry, it can never be taken back. Dems think the arc of history goes in one direction only: toward bigger and bigger government. It makes no difference how unaffordable a government benefit is nor does it make any difference whether there are better solutions, if the Democrats enact it, it’s set in stone until the End of Time, and perhaps even thereafter. On Dec. 5, Bloomberg View ran “The Allure of ‘Repeal and Delay’ for Obamacare's Critics” by Megan McArdle. “Repeal and delay” calls for immediate passage of a repeal bill, but with a delay of its implementation for perhaps three years. McArdle seems to think the delay part presents dangers for Republicans; they need to be aware of the threat of “regime uncertainty.” On Dec. 13, The Federalist ran “How To Repeal Obamacare: Repeal...(Read Full Article)