Infantile Rage on the Left

It was Anna Freud, Sigmund Freud's daughter, who first described the most common ego defenses in detail.  Later, scientists and clinical psychiatrists expanded the list of accepted defense mechanisms and did much improved research, like Harvard's George Vaillant.  There is good agreement on a basic set of ego defenses, like denial, displacement (blaming), and rationalization. Ego defenses distort reality in some way, from very mild defenses like rationalization to "primitive" defenses like massive denial of reality and fantasy-driven thinking.  These defenses are fairly easy to spot when people can't cope or feel very anxious or overwhelmingly confused.  Ego defenses protect us from excessive fear, uncontrollable rage, shame, guilt, and other painful emotions.  Some adults retreat into the safety of childhood and even infancy, feeling protected by an all-powerful mother or father substitute. This brings me to modern liberals....(Read Full Article)