How Liberal Democrats Institutionalized White Supremacy

The election of Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States, was seen as a landmark achievement for a nation that once dehumanized blacks and held them as slaves. The expectation was that President Obama would lift up the socioeconomic status of blacks throughout the nation and rid the country of its attitudes of racial discrimination and bias. But the exact opposite has happened. Obama’s record of black achievement is not just dismal, it is shocking. Obama’s policies have put blacks out of the work force, their unemployment rate has risen. Welfare use and food stamp enrollment have also seen startling and disappointing increases. At first one could argue that this is because the nation was too prejudiced to allow him to establish any programs that would elevate blacks in the U.S. But this argument cannot be made, since Obama spent and borrowed more money than any government leader in world history, not just U.S. history. How this historical...(Read Full Article)