Fake News and Fake Intelligence

Fact and truth are often very different things. With fact, a thing is, or it is not – a fairly simple binary calculation.  An assertion might be a fact and at the same time not necessarily true.  Truth is an amphibian, a sinister specter, often festooned with weeds and barnacles.  Indeed, truths are scientific, seasonal, ethnic, sexual, political, theological, philosophical, and historical, just to name a few of the veritable infinity of adjectival consorts. Truth and Time: Pietro Truth is, as artists well know, part tart and part goddess, ephemera often bought and sold if the price is right.  Indeed, she's more than a bit of an oxymoron, too – emphasis on the last two syllables. The gap between fact and fiction might be narrowed by time, but history and conventional wisdom are selective, too, frequently a world apart from reality.  The conventional wisdom is often neither true nor wise. Most arbiters of truth are...(Read Full Article)