Donald Should Trump Hezb'allah

In an interview on September 3, 2015, presidential candidate Donald Trump confessed he could not identify the leaders of major militant groups in the Middle East.  More pertinently, he added that he would know the difference between Hamas and Hezb'allah when it was appropriate. Trump explained, "I would know the difference within 24 hours after I got the job." Now that Trump has the job, he is well aware of the menace of Hezb'allah to Israel, to U.S. interests in the Middle East, and to himself.  He is aware that Sheikh Naim Qassem, second in command of Hezb'allah, has referred to him as a "racist." Hezb'allah, the "Party of God," is a Shi'a terrorist organization basically located in Lebanon whose objectives are to establish an Islamic government in the Arab world; to oppose the U.S., which it blames for many of Lebanon's problems; to liberate Jerusalem; and to eliminate the State of Israel. The danger...(Read Full Article)