Baby Skins for Sale: $325

Ilse Koch, also known as “The Bitch of Buchenwald,” had a penchant for heavily tattooed human skin. She would search out the finest examples of skin art from among the prisoners at the death camp and have them skinned before they were shoveled into the ovens. Workers at the camp then made the skin into various artifacts. Some say lampshades were made from the most beautiful specimens. Koch’s hobby would later lead to her downfall during the Nuremberg trials. Witness after witness gave testimony to Koch’s monstrous cruelties, some testifying that she seemed to demonstrate particular joy at sending children to their deaths. Imprisoned for her crimes, she later committed suicide. People with tender consciences find themselves revolted by the atrocities committed by Koch and others. The use of human skin for gloves and lampshades is so repulsive and grotesque that some even deny the possibility it actually happened. Today, such gruesome practices seem...(Read Full Article)