Anti-Semitism in British Universities

It is sad to learn the truth about anti-Semitism being exhibited at British universities these days. This prejudice of course was always present among some British intellectuals, if expressed in discreet and prudent form. Isaiah Berlin referred to J.M. Keynes’ critical view of Jews as a kind of club anti-Semitism, but it was not deep, as it was in the case of Hilaire Belloc or G.K. Chesterton. Now however anti-Semitic utterances and behavior have become both trendy and poisonously noxious. We already know the persistent dismal sort of anti-Semitism in the British Labour party and the lack of action of the leader of the party, Jeremy Corbyn, in dealing with it. After a weak and useless appraisal, indeed a whitewash, of the problem in the Labour party by Shami Chakrabarti, a cross-party parliamentary committee inquiry in October 2016 reported that the Labour party was demonstrably incompetent in dealing with incidents of anti-Jewish abuse by its members. The...(Read Full Article)