A Goal for Trump: End Disproportionate DC Affluence

A friend is fond of saying, “But for the federal government, Washington would be Richmond.”  He’s not dissing Richmond.  He’s making the common sense observation that behemoth government is the reason DC metro thrives.  After all, as of late 2014, five of the nine richest counties in the U.S. were commuting distance from Washington. A Trumpian government reform project would reduce the federal government as an engine of DC metro’s wealth.  That wealth has created legions of affluent professionals, in and out of government, who reside in DC’s ever-sprawling reach. These government-dependent pros are about protecting their turf and growing government when possible.  It’s not mainly ideology that drives them; its paychecks and contract fees.  Follow the money first. The Washington metro is where there is the most concentrated number of influential constituencies for big federal government.  Federal...(Read Full Article)