Why This Woman?

One of the putative reasons Hillary is running (and being run by the DNC) is so that she can be known to history as the first female POTUS. But why would Americans want such a despicable -- nay, corrupt -- person to be elected to that high level, critical position? There is no question that a qualified woman can and would very effectively do the job. And it is probably realistic to assume that one day we will have a woman president.  But why can’t we wait for a woman to run who would honor rather than debase the position? It’s not essential that we elect a woman in 2016; there is no pressing need or principle that makes this the specific year. There are six women currently sitting as state governors; three of them are Republicans, and any one of those would be more acceptable than the current candidate. There are many women senators; and there are probably dozens of businesswomen who serve successfully. They are all accomplished in...(Read Full Article)