Why I Need Anonymity

My name is Elizabeth Naham. Actually, the truth be told, my real name is... Well, I cannot tell you. Many of you reading this will understand, but for those who do not, let me explain. I live and work in a very deep blue state in the Northeast and am self employed as a Social Worker. The profession has always tilted left but is now left of left. Their political identity parallels the trajectory the country has taken for several decades, accelerating the last eight years. Some of you might consider me to be a coward. On the contrary, adjectives to describe me often have been feisty and courageous, along with vivacious. Suicidal and masochist are not part of my repertoire. Survival and earning a living are. Subsequently, I must remain closeted in order to avoid being shunned or figuratively tarred and feathered which is an action the left often takes to squelch opposition and dissent. My passion to help people was the attraction to social work. Coming from a lower-middle class...(Read Full Article)
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