The States' Trump Card against the Fed

A fourth branch of government was created by Article V of the Constitution, superior to the other three.  It consists of 7,382 voting members, distributed in the 50 States.  In order to act, this fourth branch, which I call the Federal Assembly, must organize itself into a two-thirds supermajority of the States in order to make a proposal.  Majorities in both houses of a state legislature in 34 states must agree on the subject matter to be addressed by an Amendment Convention.  And then, once the Amendment Convention agrees on the language of the proposed Amendment, an even more challenging three-fourths supermajority of states is required to adopt it. It's hard, and it's never been done in the 229 years we've had the Constitution – not until now.  By using their Article V power, in 2017, the states, and the people, will, for the very first time, exercise their sovereignty.  And it is full sovereignty, plenary, unlimited....(Read Full Article)