The Pathological Intolerance of the Left

A New Mexico CEO, Mathew Blanchfield,  appeared on Tucker Carlson's show Wednesday night to defend the letter he posted on his website, 1st in SEO in New Mexico, telling his clients who voted for or support Donald Trump to take their business elsewhere.  In his letter, he calls Trump "racist, sexist, fascist."  He asked his clients to respond and confirm "where you stand politically. If you are a Republican or support Trump, we will no longer serve you."  He wrote that he had a moral obligation then, on the Carlson program, decried Trump's "lack of moral turpitude" for allegedly taking the mainstream press to task over its biased reporting throughout the campaign.  Not only does he not know the meaning of the word "fascist," he does not know the meaning of the word "turpitude."  He thinks he is really, really smart but he is not.  And unfortunately for him, Carlson is smart. Carlson...(Read Full Article)