Ted Cruz for SCOTUS

Among the many somewhat surprising visitors to Trump Tower was Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a former Trump presidential rival with whom unpleasant commentaries were exchanged. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows and if we have seen anything since November 8 it is that president-elect Trump has proven more magnanimous and less vindictive than both his political opponents and media critics have painted him. The broad swath of GOP control at all levels of government presents a huge opportunity to, as Trump promised, to drain the swamp. Already we have a very real prospect of repealing and replacing ObamaCare, of enacting pro-growth tax reform, rebuilding the military, securing our borders, and, yes, putting the Supreme Court on the right path for generations. The prospect of restoring and protecting religious liberty and the Second Amendment and reigning in the regulatory excesses of federal agencies is at hand. Ted Cruz, who campaigned with vice president-elect Mike Pence for...(Read Full Article)