Islam's Jihad on the Christian Cross

What more evidence is needed to prove that Islam is at war with Christianity than its well documented hatred for the quintessential symbol of Christianity: the cross?  This recently occurred to me as I was surfing Arabic-language videos and websites discussing Christianity – only to encounter one hostile video, fatwa, or sermon after another against the cross.  Only one seemingly spoke well of the cross – though for a reason that again demonstrated Islam's hostility for Christians.  According to Al Azhar professor Dr. Salim Abdul Galil, Muslims can be tolerant of the cross – they can even wear and pray before it – but only when in need of deceiving Christians, whom the learned cleric portrayed as the natural enemies of Muslims. The most telling talk show featured Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Tarifi, a Saudi expert on Islamic law.  Asked about Islam's ruling on whether any person – in this case, Christians – is permitted...(Read Full Article)