Hubris, History, Hillary, and Hysteria

The Democratic machine and mainstream media tried mightily to paint Donald Trump’s campaign as one based upon white working class anger, anxiety, and gloom. Certainly Trump’s rise was in part fueled by such feelings, especially perhaps in the so-called Rust Belt, and all campaigns by definition rely to some extent on the idea that the other side has it in for you. But Trump’s primary message was to make America great again. That slogan is not one of anger, fear or pessimism, but traditional American optimism. Hillary’s attempt to refute it, with the self-referential, flaccid, and meaningless “together with her” underscored the emptiness of her campaign and herself as a candidate. In fact, in a kind of classic case of psychological reaction formation, Hillary and her supporters much more completely embodied the negative traits they put on Trump and his. The proof of this is plain to see in the aftermath of the election. The focus of the Democratic...(Read Full Article)