How Trump Wins: Small Ball

"Small ball" is baseball jargon for producing runs without swinging for the fences, by doing little things like bunting, walking, and stealing bases.  It is more common in the conservative National League than the progressive American, where the designated hitter rule makes the strategy less productive.  Analogously, conservative Republican presidents can be successful playing political small ball, while progressive Democrats like Obama are prone to sloppy politics that might force big "successes" at significant cost – e.g., the Affordable Care Act.  President-Elect Trump would do well to consider this come January. Small ball might produce a low-score game, but a 1-0 victory counts as much as 10-9.  For many baseball aficionados, the former is a preferable outcome, since it usually means there was good pitching and relatively error-free play.  In national politics, a similarly conservative approach is available to Republican...(Read Full Article)