How to Blast Away the Left’s Attacks on Manliness

I enjoy telling people: “No worries, I’ll man-up and take care of it,” as the reactions I get plainly expose their politics and character. If they are the sort of person who thinks “man-up” is sexist, homophobic, and misogynistic, as the mainstream media often claims today, they’ll grimace. They will even, if I’m lucky, tell me why they think so. (I say “lucky” because there is nothing as amusing as hearing a person who self-identifies as being liberal and open-minded trying to explain why you shouldn’t buck their status quo with a competing view.) The liberal/progressive belief is that manly declarations should be censored, banned, and expunged from our minds for being insulting to women and, perhaps, also to those effeminized men among us. (I am, of course, using “liberal/progressive” as it is defined by politics today, not by the dictionary definitions of those words, as the dictionary definitions are...(Read Full Article)