Hillary Clinton's Worldview: A Eulogy

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both cleave to the teachings of collectivist Saul Alinsky, a renegade Orthodox Jew.  Their mutual mentor came out of Chicago and preached a Marxist socialism based on such reckless ideas as "noble ends justify corrupt means."  They have honed their skills at the knee of Alinsky, who was the subject of Hillary's Wellesley graduate thesis.  Barack Obama has stated that he believes in only "a collective redemption."  What does that even mean?  What does that even look like? Alinsky said, "The real arena is corrupt and bloody. ... Life is a corrupting process. ... He who fears corruption fears life."  He actually pronounced that, "[c]orruption is good."  What is the word used most often to describe the wanton actions of the Clintons?  "Corruption"! With such amoralists, there is no primary truth.  Truth is relative and changing.  Hell is their...(Read Full Article)