Hillary Clinton, the Quintessential Queen Bee

It’s almost Election Day, and Hillary Clinton is buzzing around the country trying to grab as many votes as she can in what time remains. For several years now Hillary has reigned as the one and only queen bee in the Democratic Party’s hive, where she has been followed and fiercely protected by a community of lesser bees. They are the drones and the workers – well paid to be sure – who exist for the exclusive purpose of serving her royal highness.  In return, Queen Bee Hillary is expected to insure the perpetuation of the party’s political power. In spite of her royal position, a queen bee does not directly control her hive.  Instead, she is continuously surrounded by swarms of minion bees, intent on meeting her every need, giving her food, and disposing of her waste.  In an actual apian colony, these attendant busy bees also collect and then distribute what is called “queen mandibular pheromone,” a substance that...(Read Full Article)