‘Hamilton’ Attempts to Lure Pence into a Duel

Recently, “Love Trumps Hate” bullies, afflicted with a perverted sense of self-righteousness participated in a weighted battle by luring in, and then ambushing, Mike Pence.  It happened when the unsuspecting Vice President-elect decided to take in a leisurely performance of the highly acclaimed musical production of Hamilton. In addition to incorporating rap, hip-hop, R&B, and pop into the Tony-award winning score, by pretending our founding fathers weren’t white, Hamilton embraces a revisionist version of ethnic and racial history. In fact, choosing to cast white historical figures with non-white actors may be the reason our racially divisive president is such a huge fan of the play. In any case, lead producer Jeffrey Seller, had this to say about Hamilton’s choice to waylay a “Helpless” Mr. Pence: We had to ask ourselves, how do we cope with this? Our cast could barely go on stage the day after the election. The...(Read Full Article)