Facts Trump the Left's National Tantrum

The left's national tantrum over the Trump victory, evidenced by freeway blockages, street riots, internet rants, harassment of members of the Electoral College, and tasteless displays of moral superiority from the Hollywood elite, is appalling.  In traditional America, such petulant conduct does not find itself bleeding out so profusely among grown people because it is trained out of youngsters by parents who discipline their kids for throwing fits in the candy store after Mommy hasn't bought them an extra gumball.  Unfortunately, the modern left is populated with legions of adult brats who were raised without such disciplinary boundaries while concurrently having been coddled with participation trophies, self-esteem awards, and Ritalin.  These man-children are behaving like schoolyard hooligans, bullying other students whom they dislike, irrespective of whether their prey has committed any genuine offense against them.  The communist rent-a-mobs,...(Read Full Article)