Ensuring Electoral Integrity in 2020

Al Franken cast the decisive 60th senate vote passing Obamacare and virtually everyone now agrees that his initial election in 2008 was achieved through judicially assisted electoral fraud; Clinton buddy Terry McAuliffe was almost certainly elected by felons and illegals; and my personal prediction is that historians will eventually agree that Obama lost the 2012 presidential election to Romney by about 2.5% of the legal vote. Democracy depends on the integrity of the secret ballot process and fraud, whether mostly real and extensive or mostly imaginary and minor, cannot be accepted. Electoral reform has to find a place near the top of the new administration's priorities list. In my pre-retirement life as an info-tech management consultant I generally used and praised products from a company called Sun MicroSystems. Sun revolutionized computing, but came under continual attack from more traditional players like IBM and Microsoft and was eventually forced (mainly, in my...(Read Full Article)