All the Queen's Men

As a man who experiences same-sex attraction, I have watched our culture increasingly deny both science and natural law in the name of people like me. By doing this, we are sacrificing society’s most vulnerable on the twin altars of the sexual revolution and political correctness. Men who occupy key positions in Hillary Clinton's inner circle are high priests who stand and serve night and day at these altars. Who are these men? Some are household names and while others may not be well known, they all currently wield great political power. Hillary's Chief Strategist and Pollster Joel Benenson.  His past clients include the most publicly disgraced men in the country of the last few decades:  Impeached former President Bill Clinton, former New Jersey Governor James McGreevey, and former member of the U.S. house of Representatives, Anthony Weiner.  While their escapades are well known, what binds these three men in...(Read Full Article)