All the Queen's Men

As a man who experiences same-sex attraction, I have watched our culture increasingly deny both science and natural law in the name of people like me. By doing this, we are sacrificing society’s most vulnerable on the twin altars of the sexual revolution and political correctness.

Men who occupy key positions in Hillary Clinton's inner circle are high priests who stand and serve night and day at these altars.

Who are these men?

Some are household names and while others may not be well known, they all currently wield great political power.

  • Hillary's Chief Strategist and Pollster Joel Benenson.  His past clients include the most publicly disgraced men in the country of the last few decades:  Impeached former President Bill Clinton, former New Jersey Governor James McGreevey, and former member of the U.S. house of Representatives, Anthony Weiner.  While their escapades are well known, what binds these three men in particular is the way they willfully publicly humiliate their wives, seemingly without remorse.
  • Hillary's Campaign Manager Robby Mook.  He is a gay man.  As it turns out, some of the Queen's men are, themselves, queens.  This is important because it means he sees 50% of the population, i.e., females, as unlovable and expendable.  Gay men tend to be misogynists nonpareil; no philandering straight man could ever be more of a misogynist than a gay man can, because philanderers need and want women.  Most gays would be happy if women simply ceased to exist.
  • Hillary's Campaign Chairman John Podesta. He is an anti-Catholic Catholic, who supports undermining Catholic Church teaching on marriage and gender through a manufactured Catholic Spring.  What he really seeks is to send the Church into Nuclear Winter because to him, the sexual revolution is more relevant to humanity than the Gospel. 
  • Hillary's Running Mate, Tim Kaine.  He too promotes himself as a Catholic, yet he has a 100 percent rating from NARAL and Planned Parenthood. He supports same-sex marriage and during the vice presidential debate showed himself to be so gender-compromised that he couldn't refer to himself as a man. Instead, he promised to be “Hillary Clinton’s right-hand person,” not right-hand man. One wonders what his preferred pronouns might be.

  • Hillary's Husband, the former president.  He's not a dignified elder statesman.  He's not a sophisticated bon vivant or playboy.  He's what the kids today call a "creeper," an old man with no self-control.  Few parents want their sons to grow up to be like the lecherous Bill Clinton.  

Emasculated Heroes of the Sexual Revolution

What do the leading men in Hillary Clinton's campaign have in common?  Quite a lot:

  • All support the sexual revolution's ascendency over religion, morality and religious liberty.
  • All support the primacy of sex over either family or faith.
  • All support the dominion of abortion over the dominion of life.  Put another way:  They all support a throwaway culture where human lives are expendable if found to be inconvenient, over a culture of unconditional love.
  • All also support divorce over unconditional love which upholds the dignity of their current and former spouses.  Continued conquests in the sexual revolution are valued more highly than spouses.
  • All support genderless, same-sex marriage as fully equal to conjugal, complementary marriage, which, whether wittingly or unwittingly serves as a mocking condemnation of the one true definition of marriage.  They just don't see marriage as a big deal.
  • All support a decayed form of manhood that seeks sex without consequence, without commitment, with either women or men -- and mostly with younger women and younger men.

Some of these men see women as sex objects first and foremost, while others support policies that do so.  At the same time, gays tend to value women only as breeders, not human beings.  Gays who seek children to adorn their lives choose to abandon women completely when it comes to the one, central biological truth that requires a wonderful level of intimacy: conception.  Instead they have found ways through medical and political science to declare themselves independent of the sex that horrifies them so. Women are objects of scorn and ridicule, not love or relationships.

These are men who, instead of being true leaders and role models, seek to undermine manliness and manhood through proclamation and lived-example.  They exemplify the ascendency of a culture of emasculation -- of grown men who are lost boys, demanding the freedoms of adolescent fantasy while abdicating manhood.

No wonder they seek to erase natural law and to obfuscate the naturalness of eons of binary pronoun usage; they seek to hide their own shame of not living up to any true definition of manhood.  They are like Adam in the Garden of Eden after biting of the apple -- they seek to cover over their nakedness, their shame, either by hiding behind trees or sewing fig leaves, thinking their error will not be detected.  At worst, they seek to camouflage their own voracious sexual appetites, inadequacies and weaknesses through the proliferation of an anti-life, anti-human dignity, genderless, anti-complementary and anti-conjugal progressive ideology.  At best, they do this out of unbridled opportunism.  These men go beyond fostering a culture that requires adherence to this ideology; they have created a political/legal/regulatory world that demands enforcement in order to hide their own failed manhood. 

The world in which culture-changing new rights and laws have been pulled from the penumbra surrounding the Constitution demands that we all also now live our lives within a penumbra-like world of twilight and shadow. 

Why are We Deplorables?

Lest we forget:  It was at a Manhattan LGBT Gala in September where Hillary Clinton proclaimed half of her opponent's supporters to be basket of deplorables -- a declaration met with resounding cheers from those whose lives stand for anti-complementary, anti-conjugal marriage.  Beyond that, these are the urbane pro-motherlessness and pro-fatherlessness elites.

‪‪Progressive elites -- especially the males among them -- are untroubled by motherlessness and fatherlessness.  This would have been horrifying ten years ago.  Today it is a badge of sophistication.  More troubling, it is an act of compliance with our new laws.

In the religion of the sexual revolution, adult access to sexual pleasure trumps everything else, including the best interests of children. And leading the charge to destroy the American family and faith -- dragging us deeper into the dark pit of chaos of the sexual revolution -- are all the Queen's men. 

Why are we deplorable to them? Because we strive to maintain a degree of self control over our appetites.  And more than that, we have a conscience, especially concerning the loving care of children, and they have none.  They cannot bear our presence.

Doug Mainwaring is a writer and marriage & children’s rights activist, currently working on his forthcoming book, Marriage, Ground Zero: The Real Battle Dawns. Doug can be reached at

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