Year of Carnage in Turkey Derails Academic Exchange with U.S.

More than two months after Turkey withstood a bloody coup attempt, the Turkish people are still feeling the reverberations. The carnage came on the heels of a difficult year for Turkey.  A string of bombings killed hundreds across the country, while relations with its oldest and most vital ally, the United States, became increasingly strained. During this fragile time in a bilateral relationship that stretches back decades, we need more than ever to strengthen – not weaken – the ties that bind us together.  This includes building upon the academic exchange programs that for decades have served as a critical tool of public diplomacy. After the coup attempt in July, the Fulbright program in Turkey received some difficult news: the 2016-2017 English Teaching Assistant program would be suspended.  While scholars and researchers will still be able to carry out their grant periods in Turkey, nearly 80 ETA awardees will not be so lucky. Since 1951,...(Read Full Article)